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Confidential Private and Dating Letters

If you need to translate an e-mail or a personal letter to or from your lady or a friend or your relatives residing in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, we can help you out.

Our minimum rate of your personal or dating correspondence or letters is $0,08/word for translation into Russian / Ukrianian and $0,10/word into English. Turnaround time for personal or letter correspondence (no more than 500 words) is ussualy 1-4 hours and up to 24 hours, if recieved during business time (Monday-Friday, 10AM-4PM EST). Extra charges for expedited services (during weekends and holidays, off-business hours, special terminology, oversized letter, etc.) may apply.

To get your personal / dating correspondence translated you can choose one of the following options:

(A) Payment prior to translation requested. Rates: into Russian/Ukrainian - $0.08/word, into English - $0.10/word. Minimum - $10/order

(B) Deposit $50/$100 in advance. Rates: into Russian/Ukrainian - $0.08/word, into English - $0.10/word. No Minimum. We'll inform you about your balance after each translation.

To get your letter (more than 500 words) translated, please e-mail it to  info@foreigndocuments.com and we'll reply with a formal quotation shortly. We may apply to letter translations the same terms as to correspondence translations, when possible.

Mail forwarding is available upon request.